Press invitation Nordic EV Summit 2024: The conference where the future of electric mobility is challenged and formed  

The Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association welcomes the press to the Nordic EV Summit – Europe’s most important conference and meeting place for electric mobility. The conference takes place on 4th-5th April at NOVA Spektrum in Lillestrøm, Norway. In this Nordic EV Summit press briefing are some of the highlights and information on what happens when and where.

At the Nordic EV Summit, we present and discuss the latest and the future on Electric Mobility electric vehicles, charging and battery production, – all in light of the global energy and climate crisis.

It is the seventh time that the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association has invited and gathered key players from, industry, NGO and academia to this internationally recognized conference. We expect 1.500 delegates from over 40 countries for this year’s Summit.

In addition, the conference has a large exhibition area where you can see all the very latest in electric mobility from the contributing to the conference.

For journalists and media wishing to get access to the conference venue during the conference, please do write to Simon Dyhr from the Norwegian EV Association: simon@elbil.no + malin.engelsrud@elbil.no for press accreditation. Accredited press will have a press room available located right next to the exhibition hall at the conference stage.  

Important links:

  • The program containing 10 Main Stage Session, 3 Deep Dive sessions and 9 sessions on the PwC – Strategy& Sponsor Stage can be found HERE.
  • Speaker’s list with the 75 speakers from 18 different countries can be found HERE
  • List of the 77 companies exhibiting can be found HERE

Vehicles manufacturers speaking on the Main Stage:

Conference opening – Reaching the global EV tipping-point, Thursday April 4th at 10.00-11.00 am:

  • Guillaume Pelletreau, Vice President of Electrification and Connected Services, Nissan AMIEO (Africa, Middle-East, India, Europe and Oceania)
  • Sigrid de Vries, Director General, European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA)

European, Asian, and American car industry – driving in different directions?, Thursday April 4th at 15.00-15.00 PM

How EV’s have revolutionized tech and design in the car industry and political barriers for innovation on the road, Friday April 5th at 14:45-15:30 with:

Other highlighted companies or organizations speaking:

  • Ulrich Zimmer, Senior Vice President, Traton SE, Head of Group R&D Battery & Charging, HERE
  • Claas Bracklo, Chairman of the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN e. V.), CharIN, HERE

Interview opportunities and some of the important events by sponsors and exhibitors:

  • Christina Bu, Secretary General, Norwegian EV Association, will be available for interviews. Contact: Simon Dyhr, mobile: +47 4889 8590
  • LAUNCH EVENT: Kempower is launching its Megawatt Charging System on Thursday, the 4th of April at 13.00 at the Kempower booth. COME LISTEN TO US ON THE STAGE: Tomi Ristimäki, CEO of Kempower, is presenting on Friday, the 5th of April at 13.30-14.15, as part of the session “Charging technologies with transformative potential”, Kempower media: Paula Savonen, VP, Communications, Kempower, paula.savonen@kempower.com, +358 400 343 851
  • Ekoenergetyka, April 4th at 11:00 am on the Sponsor Stage. World premiere of smart & efficient energy usage in charging solutions for CPOs: The World Premiere of Perfect cooperation of world-class satellite and intelligent power unit by Ekoenergetyka. Contact: Justyna Śmielska-Saniuk, Communications & PR Manager, +48 507 289 152, justyna.smielska-saniuk@ekoenergetyka.com.pl
  • FLEXECHARGE CTO, Dr. Robert Brehm, will be present at the FLEXECHARGE booth to introduce our fully-redesigned, powerful and vendor-agnostic load & energy management platform, which, beyond helping CPOs to optimise their operations and reduce their energy costs, will enable CPOs to easily participate in the very promising Flexibility market, generating hereby a new revenue stream. For Press contact: christophe@flexecharge.com
  • go-e, Austrian manufacturer of charging stations and accessories for electric vehicles, will attend Nordic EV Summit in 2024. go-e’s Chief Communication Officer, Christian Philip, will be available for an interview about EV charging trends in Europe, new product launches or other subjects related to charging at go-e’s booth B02-23 or elsewhere by request. You can contact go-e’s press contact Anni Högfeldt, anni.hogfeldt@go-e.com for more information and to organise an interview.
  • Driivz, Declan Byrne, CRO at Driivz, and will be available for interview. You will be able to explore how EV charging providers can manage the escalating demands for EV charging without negatively affecting the functionality and efficiency of the charging infrastructure, while effectively managing the surge in EV charging demands without encountering grid congestion. Including Nordic customers’ case studies. Contact: Declan Byrne, declan.byrne@driivz.com, or Roni Dvir, VP of Marketing, M: +972-522-556819, roni.dvir@driivz.com 
  • Meet Pietro Balda, co-founder of Reefilla. Reefilla is a startup creating a circular ecosystem of second life battery based solutions for EV mobile charging and distributed energy storage. In particular, thanks to our mobile charging device “Fillee” we can recharge up to 150 km in less than 30 minutes wherever and whenever required, in total flexibility. Contact: Pietro Balda, pietro.balda@reefilla.com
  • Watt & Well, Business Development Manager, Romain Beaume, will be available for interviews speaking on unidirectional and bidirectional charging and its perspectives for the European market. Booth B05-16. Contact: Romain Beaume,  romain.beaume@wattandwell.com
  • “Meet Sungrow Charging at the Nordic EV Summit 2024, booth B04-14! – Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. (“Sungrow”) is the world’s most bankable inverter brand, with over 405 GW installed worldwide as of June 2023. Get in touch with Robert von Wahl, Director of Charging Europe who will be onsite to unveil the core philosophy and exceptional features of Sungrow’s EV charging solutions, namely IDC30E, IDC180E and AC22E-01.”

Organizer PR contact:  

Simon Dyhr,EVS35 Press contact & Political advisor, Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association

Mobile.: +47 47 77 88 20 (press phone) / +47 48 89 85 90 / E-mail: simon@elbil.no