Easee Founder Jonas Helmikstøl in a conversation with Christina Bu

Time: April 5, 2024, 11:45-12:00


Easee, what happened? – Lessons learned from one of the most dramatic company experiences in the charging industry. Easee founder and former CEO, Jonas Helmikstøl will share his experiences in a conversation with Christina Bu from the Norwegian EV Association.

Easee was founded in 2018 and quickly became extremely successful and one of Norway’s most promising companies. In 2022 the charging company had a turnover of NOK 1.9 billion and 500 employees. However, when Swedish authorities in March 2023 did not approve their wallbox which drastically impacted their sales and financial situation overnight, suddenly everything changed. The successful Stavanger startup faced a complete crisis. The value of the company plummeted, 350 employees had to leave the company and Jonas Helmikstøl left as CEO.

There are many startups in the charging industry and while we often hear about the success stories there is most probably more interesting lessons to learn from an experience like this. Not just for a company but also on a personal level for founders and innovators.


  • Jonas Helmikstøl, Founder, Easee


  • Christina Bu, Secretary General, Norwegian EV Association 

Program is subject to change. 

Easee Founders Jonas Helmikstøl in a conversation with Christina Bu



Christina Bu

Secretary General of the Norwegian EV Association

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