What is the Nordic EV Summit?


About the Nordic EV Summit

We are excited to welcome participants from all over the world to attend the 4th annual Nordic EV Summit and Expo of Electric Vehicles during April 23-24 in Oslo, Norway. Key figures from 2019, our biggest event to date:

  • 1000 participants
  • 50 sponsors
  • 80 speakers
  • 40 different countries represented

About the organisers

The event is co-hosted by four partners:

  • The Norwegian EV Association, organising over 75,000 members.
  • Teknisk Ukeblad Media, the leading Norwegian Technology Publisher.
  • Nordic Energy Research, a cooperative energy research and policy development platform, funding R&D to promote sustainable future.
  • SAMS Norway, a business cluster developing systems for sustainable autonomous mobility – for land, air as well as sea.

About the Norwegian EV Market

When choosing this conference, you also get to visit a truly unique EV nation:

  • The first quarter of 2019 more than half of the passenger car market in Norway was fully electric.
  • Norway has more than 250 000 fully electric vehicles, in a country of 5,2 million people.
  • Norway’s goal is to only sell zero emission automobiles by 2025.