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electric mobility

Is it really true that electric mobility is part of fighting climate change? Is battery production unproblematic and sustainable? And will we make sure charging all our buses, trucks and vans will be doable?

At the Nordic EV Summit 2023 – renowned as Northern Europe’s largest conference on electric mobility – we will enlighten you and propel your company into the future of zero emission mobility. The conference is recognized as one of the most important international networking arenas for stakeholders in Europe and globally.

Who should have access to the data from connected cars and how should it be used? How fast can we power the entire transport sector with 100 % renewable energy?
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Welcome to Oslo – the EV Capital of the World.


Battery production

Is battery production unproblematic and sustainable? Are there enough raw materials to answer to increasing demands in the coming years? What does a sustainable battery consist of?

Cars and manufacturing

Who is constructing the most exciting electric vehicles at the moment? Who are the newcomers to watch and who are paving the way for innovation and sustainable EV production in the world right now?

Charging fast and slow

Charging is essential infrastructure for EV drivers and owners. We are finally seeing an increase in the construction of fast charging stations, but are we building enough?

Climate and environment

Electrifying transportation is about cutting emissions from a sector that historically and to this day contributes to a lot of emissions.

Data access and security

Connected cars generate loads of data that is uploaded to the cloud and used by car manufacturers to monitor driving and charging behavior. But in many cases the data is not shared with third parties or even the EV owners themselves.

Energy systems

A zero-emission future is impossible without renewable energy. Are we building enough? Countries are still too dependent on fossil fuels. Europe has been in an energy crisis the last year; how is this being tackled? Are the answers green or oily?

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