Incident Commander
Trøndelag Fire and Rescue service (TBRT)

Rune Wiggo Johnsen works as an Incident Commander at Trøndelag Fire and Rescue service (TBRT) in Trondheim, Norway.

He also acts as TBRT´s Academic Officer and Traffic Instructor at the Norwegian Fire and Rescue School. Johnsen is frequently hired to teach Norwegian and foreign fire and rescue services in handling electric and hybrid vehicles in the event of accidents and fires.

His goal is for all motorists to receive equally quick and effective help when an accident occurs, regardless of fuel and / or drivetrain. The goal is reached by increasing the common and shared knowledge within the emergency services.

Safety through knowledge is key in Johnsen´s mind: «There are still many people who perceive accidents involving electric cars as complicated and almost impossible to handle, which they are not».

Johnsen has worked for 20 years with rescue techniques related to traffic accidents.

Since 2012 intensively on the development of tangible and functional method sets for handling electric and hybrid vehicles in accidents and fires.

Simplifying the efforts into an operational everyday life where seconds count, has been Johnsen´s overarching goal since the beginning.

His competence is built on self-experienced accidents / fires and research-based work on incidents elsewhere, close collaboration with technical staff from OEMs and a number of practical tests and trials with electric cars donated by Norwegian insurance companies.