Are electric cars the firebombs they are claimed to be? 

Time: April 4, 2024, 12:30-13:15

Join us for an insightful deep dive into electric cars and fire safety, hopefully killing a myth or two in the process:

  • What makes burning electric cars so interesting and polarising in the (social) media?  
  • What do emergency responders need to learn to successfully adapt to a world of electrified transport, and how quickly can we get them there? 
  • What is current and future best practice if a battery catches fire?
  • How do car carrier companies work to ensure safe transport of electric cars across the seas?

Shortly after fires aboard car carrier Fremantle Highway (2023) and in the parking garage Stavanger airport Sola (2020), electric cars were initially suspected as fire starters.

These are just two examples of misleading media coverage suggesting electric cars represent a major challenge.

But do the statistics point in the same direction? Are traffic accidents involving electric cars almost impossible to handle?

Emma Sutcliffe, Founder and Project Director of EV FireSafe, will open the session with her worldwide fact-based insights before being joined by a group of competent panelists.

Deep dive_Are electric cars the firebombs


Emma Sutcliffe

Emma Sutcliffe is Project Director EV FireSafe based in Australia. An operational firefighter, early EV entrepreneur, charging & electrification specialist,…

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Rune Wiggo Johnsen

Rune Wiggo Johnsen works as an Incident Commander at Trøndelag Fire and Rescue service (TBRT) in Trondheim, Norway.

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Christoph Meraner

Christoph Meraner is a Scientific Researcher at RISE Fire Research, a research institute and accredited testing laboratory located in Trondheim, Norway.

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Geir Jørgensen

Geir Jørgensen is the SVP Global Head of Loss Prevention at Skuld, a large marine insurance provider. Jørgensen took on the position in 2018.

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Ståle Frydenlund

Ståle Frydenlund

Ståle Frydenlund is a Senior Advisor and Test Manager at the Norwegian EV Association, and one of the longest serving…

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