Founder and Joint CEO
Fully Charged

Actor, Author & Presenter, Robert Llewellyn has become synonymous with electric cars and cleantech. Having made his name as neurotic mechanoid Kryten in the globally successful sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf, Robert went onto host Scrapheap Challenge (AKA Junkyard Wars). In 2010, Llewellyn launched what has gone on to become the world’s no.1 clean energy and electric vehicle show – Fully Charged. With 1 million subscribers and millions of monthly views worldwide on YouTube, Fully Charged is on the cusp of becoming a household name, and has a global series of LIVE events in N.America, the UK, Europe and Australasia.

Having driven a huge number of electric vehicles from bikes to boats, and almost every commercially available electric car, Robert’s focus has switched more and more to where energy comes from, and how it is possible to generate, moderate and store energy in homes. This has spawned a spin-off channel, also on YouTube – the Everything Electric SHOW – and is the biggest single growth area for the Fully Charged business as a whole. Robert’s house is packed with tech, including: a zero emission boiler, smart hot water tank, infrared heating, solar, batteries, v2g, solar car charger, electric stove, and all operated via his favourite.