Welcome and opening & What’s new in the EV world?

Time: May 4, 2023, 10:00-10:30


The EV revolution is now rapidly being part of the green energy ecosystem that needs to be happening for reducing emissions fast. New technology is altering the way we power our homes and transportation. And new cool solutions are popping up.

CEO and Founder of Fully Charged Show, Robert Llewellyn and Secretary General of the Norwegian EV Association will open the Nordic EV Summit 2023 by giving you the most up to date insight into what is new in the EV World (OEM’s for this session will be announced soon).


  • Christina Bu, Secretary General, Norwegian EV Association
  • Robert Llewllyn, Founder and Joint CEO, Fully Charged


  • Jack Scarlett, Fully Charged Show 
  • Helene Sommerset Busengdal, Norwegian EV Association 

Program is subject to change.  

Christina & Robert


Christina Bu

Secretary General of the Norwegian EV Association

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Robert Llewellyn

Actor, Author & Presenter, Robert Llewellyn has become synonymous with electric cars and cleantech. Having made his name as neurotic mechanoid Kryten…

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