Thought Leader Global

We are a husband and wife storytelling company, Natalie born and raised in South Africa, and Mikkel born and raised in Norway but both citizens of the world. We have both worked in creative industries since the end of the 90’s in radio, TV, communication and film production.

And saw that we could take this joint competence and dedicate it to building Thought Leader Global. Between us, we are able to handle all processes of developing video content, from the idea on the vision board to a completed film.

In 2015, we founded the idea of lifting up leading visions and stories by using both our joint over-20 years of industry competence, where we could help to elevate people, ideas and organisations having positive impacts on society.

Globally, we have produced a wide range of stories around the green shift, electric mobility, autonomy and smart city development, together with various Nordic and global clients.

Through immersing in this work we have gained a foundation of in-depth knowledge in many overlapping fields, which we can draw upon when creating new stories. 

One of the areas we focused on has been Electric Mobility. We have since 2016 filmed the annual Nordic EV Summit and have also traveled around globally to capture the pulse of this global movement. The EV Journey has taken us in our EV across Europe, the Nordics even to Iceland and the Faroe Islands. And globally in local EV´s to India, South Africa and through New Zealand. We look forward to sharing the connected stories at Nordic EV Summit 2023.

Mikkel og Natalie