Torghatten AS

Jan-Egil is the Director of Technology Development (CTO) at Torghatten AS, one of the largest ferry and express-boat operators in Norway. He started in Torghatten in December 2021 and holds a master’s degree in engineering cybernetics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He has gained extensive experience in testing and verification of complex cyberphysical systems from his years in Marine Cybernetics AS and DNV. Before joining Torgatten, Jan-Egil held the position as Head of Aftermarket and Digital at Moen Marin, the largest international supplier of service vessels to the aquaculture industries.

The company Torghatten is a technology leader in the industry operating of the world’s largest electric ferry, performing one of the first automated ferry crossings over the Oslofjord, soon to be the first operator of an autonomous urban ferry in Stockholm and building the world’s largest hydrogen ferry that will operate in the rough seas in Northern Norway.

Jan-Egil Wagnild