Managing Director
Moller Baltic Import SE, VW Baltic States, Audi Latvia, Lithuania.

With over two decades of experience in the automotive industry, Ilze Grase-Ķibilde has consistently expanded and demonstrated her professional expertise. She has effectively showcased her leadership skills, particularly during challenging transformation periods, while successfully managing various brands. Mrs Grase-Ķibilde has worked in Moller Baltic Import for 11 years, and has been managing the company for the last 5 years.

In a dynamic industry that is continually evolving and demands innovative solutions, Ilze Grase-Ķibilde has actively steered her focus towards promoting e-mobility in the Baltics. Through intentional efforts and close collaboration with Moller Mobility Group, as well as engagement with Norwegian industry specialists, including meetings with the Norwegian Minister of Transport and representatives from the Norwegian e-mobility association, Mrs Grase-Ķibilde has been a driving force in initiating the establishment of a similar alliance in the Baltic States. In 2023, the Baltic Sustainable Mobility Alliance was established and Ilze Grase-Ķibilde was elected as one of the Board Members. The Alliance will serve as a platform for opinion leaders, decision makers and e-car users for faster and more efficient discussions.

Ilze Grase-Ķibilde studied public relation in Latvia and Estonia, and later – MBA at Riga Business School.