Learn more about sustainable battery production

We are thrilled to announce the plenary session Thursday afternoon on batteries at this year’s Nordic EV Summit. We will focus on one of the most promising technologies in the new industrial revolution of our times, namely battery production. But if we are to both scaling up the global demand for batteries but at the same time making sure that we ensure a sustainable production taking care of the environment, the battery industry therefore faces emerging challenges for making this happening.

The plenary session is taking place on Thursday November 11th at 13:15-14:45 and is titled:

Sustainable battery production in the Nordic region
– how do we ensure a completely sustainable value chain for batteries? A circular process is needed, are relevant actors up for it?

We are looking forward to welcoming on stage:

Thore Sekkenes, European Battery Alliance Program Director, Industry at InnoEnergy Scandinavia AB

Fredrik Andresen, CEO of Batteriretur and Hydrovolt

Håkon Haugli, CEO of Innovasjon Norge

Terje Andersen, Morrow Batteries

Elise Must, Head of Strategy and Sustainability in Batteries, Hydro

Boas Jonsson, Business Development Manager at Fortum Waste Solutions AB

This plenary session will be moderated by Nora Rosenberg Grobæk, Invest in Norway

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