Vision of the Fjords

What does the future look like for zero emissions travel on sea?

Learn more on this year’s Nordic EV Summit parallel session: Electrification on sea

As the Nordic EV Summit held in Oslo is always coming closer in time, another electrifying parallel session has been formed. Together with CEO and Co-founder of Brim Explorer, Agnes Árnadóttir, CEO and Co-founder of Kruser AS, Christer Ervik, Director of the Climate Agency at the City of Oslo, Heidi Sørensen and CEO and Editor in Chief at TU Media, Jan M. Moberg the panel will discuss the outlook for zero emission transport at sea. This will take place on the 11th of November in Oslo. 

Most people talk about cars and thus mainland when it comes to electric mobility. However, what about electric mobility on sea? Electric boats have been developed as early as 1839. In the 1920’s a gasoline powered motor quickly started replacing electric boats. However, in Oslo, this change has been reversed and a zero-emission ferry is transporting the passengers from A to B. The electrification of sea mobility can be a vital tool for other cities around the world to reducing emissions.

The expertise in technology for us to enjoy a fuel-free ferry/boat ride is a key element to this panel session and will be discussed by the three speakers: Agnes Árnadóttir, Christer Ervik and Heidi Sørensen. Each will give us an insight to the current technology and development of electric transport on sea. Furthermore, the potential of electrification on sea and its role in the future is going to be emphasized. This different approach to tackling environmental challenges will be moderated by Jan M Moberg.

We are thrilled to have a panel on the outlook of electric mobility on sea and hope to see you there.