Welcome to Nordic EV Summit 2021

We are excited to announce that the Nordic Electric Vehicle (EV) Summit will be held in Oslo November 10 and 11, 2021, and we are pleased to unveil this years’ four main topics for the plenary sessions.

  1. EU and EV policies – how to get to zero emissions

EV policies have been rapidly changing in EU countries and the EU’s Green Deal is aiming for zero in 2050. But are the current EV policies sufficient for achieving zero emissions in the transport sector, creating new green jobs, and changing consumer behavior? We will discuss with top transport and environment people from the EU lobby world and with members of the European Parliament.

  1. The charging challenges

Smart charging in a renewable energy system. How do we power a fully electric transport sector? And how do we make charging easier for all consumers? Here you will hear and meet key actors from the European charging infrastructure business and industry.

  1. Sustainable battery production

The prospects of a renewable and circular battery production in the Nordic Region. How do we combat the challenges ahead? Here you will first off hear and meet top actors from around the world and secondly the top battery business leaders from the Nordic Region.

  1. A fully electric car market, but when?

How are international car manufacturers tackling the shift and will they meet the demand for EVs? And what is the impact of newcomers on the EV market around the world? You will hear and meet some of the top people from the car industry in Europe, USA, and China.