Toddington Harper

Toddington Harper (UK) – Gridserve

Toddington is a second-generation solar energy and energy storage professional who has spent virtually his entire career focused on delivering sustainable energy solutions, including creating five successful sustainable energy and low carbon businesses which he has led as CEO over the last 20-years.

Toddington created GRIDSERVE to #deliver sustainable energy and move the needle on climate change. GRIDSERVE has delivered the UK’s largest and most technically advanced hybrid solar projects and pioneered the UK’s first Electric Forecourt®, powered by solar energy and battery storage projects. In 2021, GRIDSERVE launched a new electric vehicle solution leasing business and purchased the Electric Highway from Ecotricity, which hosts EV chargers on a majority of motorway service sites. GRIDSERVE’s objective is to enable anyone, anywhere, with any type of electric vehicle, to traverse the country free of range or charging anxiety, and with a fantastic customer experience.