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This was the Nordic EV Summit 2023

This was the Nordic EV Summit 2023

At the Nordic EV Summit 2023, we gathered over 1300 participants, more than 80 sponsors & exhibitors and 50
speakers. All from 40 countries from around the world. GET THE RECAP. 

“The Nordic EV Summit 2023 is the biggest ever.” – Christina Bu, Secretary General, Norwegian EV Association.

Film by: Thought Global Leader: https://www.thoughtleader.global/

Also see the long version film of the Nordic EV Summit 2023 on LinkedIn HERE.

“It is great to see sort of a mix of business coming together, as well as indiviuals, getting inspired about what’s going on in the (EV) industry.” – Chairman and CEO, Henrik Fisker, Fisker Inc.

At the Nordic EV Summit 2023, we gathered conference participants and companies from around the world. The Summit in 2023 – the biggest ever – showed that it is highly renowned as
one of the most important venues for the EV industry in Europe.  

“The Nordic EV Summit is a little bid of a glimpse into the future for every body else.” – Chelsea Sexton, Senior Consultant, U.S. Department of Energy’s Loan Programs Office

Besides the many social events such as the Summit’s Welcome Reception, Networking Dinner sailing the
Fjord of Oslo, the Summit focused on topics such as: What’s new in the EV World, the transformation of our car industry as well as sustainable battery production in the 21st century and how to build charging ultrafast. 

Nordic EV Summit becoming a truly global EV event

In the the top ten countries of people coming to this year’s EV Summit, we saw Norway, Sweden, The
Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Spain. But among conference participants we also had people coming from countries such as Costa Rica, India, Japan, South Korea, Israel, Ukraine and Canada.

If India achieves the mass adoption of the EV, that globally brings down the cost of the battery production. And that’s going to be the real contribution to the entire EV industry globally – Awadesh Jha, Executive Director, Forum Charge & Drive India

See you at the Nordic EV Summit April 4th-5th 2023 & stay tuned

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