This was Nordic EV Summit in 2021 

“I think that a summit like this is extremely important in basically showing that it is it doable. And this is what I find extremely inspirational.”

Member of The European Parliament and vice-chair of the Parliaments Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, Morten Helveg Petersen (Renew Europe Group), who also spoke at the Summit.  

At the Nordic EV Summit 2021, we gathered 1100 participants, 60 sponsors, 80 speakers. All from around 40 countries. The Summit in 2021 showed that it is highly renowned as one of the most important venues for the EV industry in Europe.  

Besides the many social events such as the Summit’s Welcome Reception, Networking Dinner and Easse and Polestar’s after work events, the Summit focused on topics such as: Newcomers in the electric car market, EV and EU politics, Sustainable battery production in the Nordic Region and User-friendly charging in a mass market.  

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“Nordic EV Summit is first and foremost a very good networking arena, and I think also a place inspired. Connecting people, politicians, industry motivates, and I think that actually results in a faster progress”

- General Secretary of the Norwegian EV Association, Christina Bu, in 2021.