Keynote speakers EV Summit 2021

The Nordic EV Summit program is out now

We are thrilled to announce that the preliminary program for this year’s Nordic EV Summit is out. At this years’ summit the plenary sessions will primarily focus on four topics and we will have a total of nine parallel sessions. This newsletter will give you the full overview of the preliminary program.

The plenary sessions for Wednesday November 10th:

Official opening of the Nordic EV Summit 2021

What can we expect form COP 26?
How has the latest United Nations Climate Change Conferences dealt with plans and agreements on reducing pollution from the transportation sector? And what can we expect from COP 26 regarding the goal of zero emissions from the transport sector? Keynote by former EU Commissioner for Climate.

EV and EU politics: How to reach zero-emission in the transport sector?
The EU Commissions proposal “Fit for 55” will be a game changer in the electrification of Europe. But is the package enough? What does the car manufactures, NGO’s and labor organizations say? We will take the debate between The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), Transport&Environment and IndustryAll Europe.

EV and EU politics: How to reach for zero emissions in the transport sector in the EU? A conversation between the conservatives and the liberals in the European Parliament.
Reducing emissions from the transport sector is important to achieving EU’s climate goals. The EU Commissions proposal “Fit for 55” will be negotiated between the EU Council and the EU Parliament. We’ll take the conversation on EV related proposals with two prominent Nordic members of the EU parliament from the EPP and Renew Europe Groupe respectfully.

User-friendly charging in a mass market.
As the charging solutions evolve and increase, how do we secure a consumer-friendly experience for the EV drivers? We will hear from top leaders from Circle K, IONITY GmbH, Mer Group, the Dutch Electric Vehicle Drivers Association and the European Commission.

The plenary sessions for Thursday November 11th:

A fully electric car market, but when?
How are international car manufacturers tackling the shift and will they meet the demand for EVs? And what is the impact of newcomers on the EV market around the world?

Sustainable battery production in the Nordic region
How do we ensure a completely sustainable value chain for batteries? A circular process is needed, are relevant actors up for it? Here you will hear from Innovation Norway and Batteriretur/Hydrovolt. More speakers for this session will be announced soon.

Closing session
Wrap up of the summit, a status from COP 26 in Glasgow and welcome to EVS35 in Oslo June 2022.

See the full preliminary program here
The program will be updated. We are looking forward to announce the final program soon.

Parallel sessions

In between the plenary sessions you will also have the opportunity to join the parallel sessions which will be more focused into one specific sector or theme. The nine parallel sessions will be:

  • Autonomous electric transportation – What does the future bring?
  • If you can charge it here you can charge it anywhere
  • Connected cars and big data ownership. Who owns my car data?
  • Accessible charging for all
  • What technology is available today? And what is the outlook for zero emission transport at sea?
  • EVs around the world
  • A deep dive into the technology and recycling of modern batteries
  • Electrifying the heavy transportation sector?
  • Aviation and the outlook for zero emission flight services?