Portrait of speakers

Speakers confirmed EU and EV policies

We are happy to announce some of our speakers for our EU policy plenary session “EU and EV policies – how to get to zero emissions in the transport sector in the EU?”

EV policies have been rapidly changing in EU countries and the EU’s Green Deal is aiming for zero in 2050. But are the current EV policies sufficient for achieving zero emissions, creating new green jobs and changing consumer behavior?

Please welcome to the stage:

  • Ms. Connie Hedegaard, Former EU Commissioner for Climate Action and current Chair of the Board, KR Foundation & Chair of the Board, CONCITO Denmark’s Green Think Tank
  • Ms. Henna Virkkunen, Member of the European Parliament, EPP Group, elected from the Finnish National Coalition Party
  • Mr. Morten Helveg Petersen, Member of the European Parliament, Renew Europe Group, elected from the Danish Social-liberal party
  • Ms. Julia Poliscanova, Senior Director, Vehilces and Emobility, Transport & Environment
  • Ms. Dr. Monica Araya, Global group Climate Champions team to lead the transport campaigns seeking to accelerate the uptake of zero-emissions mobility–working alongside the High-Level Climate Action Champions
  • Mr. Alexander Verduyn, Policy Officer Alternative Fuels Infrastructure, European Commission

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