Program – PwC Stage

Time: May 4, 2023, 10:45-14:45


Session 1: 10:45-11:15

The Ladeklubben and Deftpower Partnership – Transforming EV Charging in Norway and Beyond

Deftpower and Ladeklubben invite you to join us at the Nordic EV Open seminar in Oslo, where we will showcase how a free charging card and app are transforming the EV charging landscape in Norway and beyond. During the seminar, you will learn about the Ladeklubben app and charging card, which provides free access to 420,000 charging points across Europe, including major charging networks like IONITY, E.On, Kople, FastNed, and Recharge. 


  • Nicholas Laane, Business Development Manager, Deftpower
  • Petter Haugneland, Deputy Chairman, Norwegian EV Association

Session 2: 12:00-12:30 

PwC Strategy&: Electrification of Commercial Vehicles and According Infrastructure

In this conference presentation, the electrification of commercial vehicles and the necessary infrastructure will be discussed. The key drivers and challenges of commercial vehicle electrification will be examined, as well as the various types of vehicles that are being electrified. Additionally, the importance of developing a comprehensive charging infrastructure that can meet the needs of commercial vehicle operators will be emphasized. Attendees will be provided with a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by the electrification of commercial vehicles and the infrastructure required to support it.


  • Dr. Philipp Rose, Director, E-Mobility at Strategy&

Session 3: 12:45-13:15 

EV Box: How to overcome grid constraints with flexible DC fast charging

Based on research we know that consumers are willing to pay a higher price for the service of fast charging. On average three times more than they pay for electricity at home. This makes fast charging an extremely interesting proposition for many different companies.

Gerwin Sieders (CCO of EVBox) will give an overview on revenue possibilities of EV charging, such as upselling opportunities and branding benefits. Many think immediately of Fuel retailers, and CPO’s when it comes to fast charging business opportunities. However, in this session we’ll be looking at an interesting business case of a leading residential and commercial property company: Ragde Eiendom. In addition he’ll address topics of modularity, load balancing and how we have to prepare for a future increase of demand for grid capacity.

Learn more about the importance to not only being able to provide lasting fast charging solutions but giving your customer the ability to brand their stations, have full control over their charging network thanks to connectivity, smart charging integration, over-the-air updates and software management for remote troubleshooting and real-time communication.


  • Gerwin Sieders, COO, EV Box

Session 4: 14:15-14:45 

Techniche: Maintaining EV charging confidence through maintenance

The rollout of EV charge points in Europe is continuing to pick up pace, with year-on-year growth of around 46% in the period January 22 to January 23. While this rollout is helping to reduce range anxiety, this progress could be hampered if the charge points themselves are often broken or closed.

In the past, charge point operators have been able to maintain their networks of EV charge points in a relatively manual fashion. But as these networks grow to cover thousands and thousands of chargers across the region, this becomes increasingly challenging. 

So, how can operators continue to grow their networks without letting the maintenance, and therefore quality, of the charge points within them slip? David Cornish, Techniche, will talk about the challenge of charge point maintenance, how software is stepping up to manage this and how improving charge point repair and maintenance can help drive forwards EV adoption.


  • David Cornish, Head of Product, Techniche
PwC Stage


David Cornish

David Cornish leads product strategy for the award-winning Techniche EV Charging Infrastructure maintenance platform.

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Dr. Philipp Rose

Dr. Philipp Rose is a passionate engineer with over 13 years experience working with electric vehicles (road & rail), thereof 9 years within Management Consulting across America, Asia and Europe.

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Nicholas Laane

As Business Development Manager at Deftpower, Nicholas supports the founding team in the conceptualisation, development and go-to-market execution for new products and business models.

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Petter Haugneland

Petter Haugneland is the Assistant Secretary General at the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association, which represents over 120,000 Norwegian EV owners.

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Gerwin Sieders

Gerwin Sieders

Gerwin is a senior executive with many years of experience in sustainable energy, renewable production, and innovation.

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