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Main topics for Nordic EV Summit 2024

We are thrilled to announce the three main topics for next year’s Nordic EV Summit 2024. highly renowned as one of the most important venues for the electric mobility industry in Europe. We will gather top decision-makers and experts from various sectors for engaging keynotes and panels, where we will discuss the future of electric mobility. Get enlighten and inspired on:

In an era of rapid transition towards sustainable transportation, electric vehicles have taken the center stage. Who will win the EV race? And how shall vehicle manufacturers secure making a mass market and affordable EV’s available globally and making a profit at the same time? We will discuss the future of the vehicle manufacturing industry, with a particular focus on the intense competition among Europe, Asia, and America. We will explore what strategies, challenges, and opportunities these regions face, as they strive to shape the future of sustainable transport and influence the global market.

Experts in the field of electric vehicles, battery production and mining come together to enlighten you and discuss the issue of raw materials for EV batteries. As the demand for EVs surges, so does the need for essential raw materials like lithium, cobalt, and nickel.

We will discuss the geopolitics concerning access to minerals, as well as discussing the challenges and solutions surrounding the sustainable and ethical sourcing and production of these minerals.

Join us for engaging keynotes and discussions on the cutting-edge solutions driving the evolution of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Megawatt charging for heavy duty vehicles, Ultra-Fast charging parks, smart charging, battery swapping systems, wireless charging, and grid integration (V2G). These concepts will be addressed when we highlight innovative approaches and practical strategies that are transforming the EV charging landscape. And after the EU alternative fuels infrastructure regulation (AFIR)? How can and will the industry ensure massive roll out of profitable charging infrastructure for transport across all of Europe?

Discussions on these topics will provide valuable insights into the solutions that are shaping the future of EV charging infrastructure, making EV adoption more accessible and sustainable than ever before.