Kresten Arup

Kresten Arup (DK) – Sensible4

Kresten Harala Arup is Business Development Director for Finnish all-weather autonomous software provider, Sensible 4 with responsibilities for developing pilots and projects in the Nordic countries.

In Norway, Sensible 4 is delivering AD software to the self-driving vehicles currently being operated by Ruter in Ski, and soon S4 will also supply software to the vehicles going to be implemented in Bodø, as a part of the ‘Smarter Transport Bodø’ initiatives in partnership with Mobility Forus and Holo. Prior to joining Sensible 4, Kresten worked 6 years for Tesla in both Denmark and Finland as well as for Holo, an operator of autonomous vehicles based in Copenhagen. When Kresten is not working with mobility solutions and cutting-edge autonomous vehicles, he enjoys tinkering on his 40 year old Citroen 2CV – probably as far away as you can come from the term ‘cutting edge’.