Keith Budden

Keith Budden (UK) – CENEX

Keith Budden, Head of Business Development, Centre of Excellence for Low Emission Vehicles (CENEX, UK and Europe)

Keith is a postgraduate qualified social scientist with over twenty five years experience in sustainable development, public policy and programme delivery, in the UK, Europe and in East and West Africa.

Cenex is a leading independent, not for profit organisation providing advice and support on electric and hydrogen vehicles and the associated energy infrastructure to the public and private sectors. Cenex runs the Low Carbon Vehicle Event – LCV and manages the National Chargepoint Register on behalf of the UK Government.

At Cenex he has helped to develop a range of low emission vehicle programmes and has forged new relationships with the private sector and the European Commission, delivering clean air and low carbon mobility solutions. He has expert knowledge of EU and UK innovation funding and low carbon/low emissions public policy. He has recently led on the development of a new Global Sustainable Mobility Partnership that brings together not for profit organisations to support the global transition to zero emission transport. Keith has also been actively involved in Cenex’s groundbreaking work on vehicle to grid systems, enabling vehicle batteries to discharge back into the building and grid to create additional value.

Keith has previously worked for E.ON, delivering their sustainable cities programme, and for Birmingham City Council, leading on environmental programmes, climate change and energy. He was awarded Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts and Technology in 2009 in recognition of his work on tackling climate change.