Jakob Lagercrantz (SE)

The Swedish National 2030-secretariat

Jakob Lagercrantz has spent his professional life working on sustainability in many forms. He worked since 1984 in various positions in Greenpeace Sweden, towards the end of his eleven year as Executive Director.

He went on to build an environmental consultancy, and while engaging in different organizations he has continued his consultancy.

After leaving Greenpeace he was elected chairman of the, at the time, small Swedish Association of Green Motorist where he stayed for nine years.  The Swedish Association of Green Motorist became one of the most influential Swedish NGO’s on mobility and sustainable transport.

In 2013 he co-founded the Swedish National 2030-secretariat, an NGO with some 80 partners from industry, municipalities and interest groups. The 2030-secretariat is committed to the Swedish Parliaments’ transport sector goal of a 70% decrease of CO2 by 2030. It is an ambitious target, and the 2030-secretariat is one of its most prominent champions.

In his role in the 2030-secretariat Jakob works with companies, interest groups and politicians to charter a way to fossil fuel independence.

He has, for the past three years, positioned himself as one of the 101 most influential Swedes in sustainability.