Inger Beate Hovi (NO)

Institute of Transport Economics

Inger Beate Hovi is Chief Research Economist for industry and freight transport at the Institute of Transport Economics, Oslo. Research experience includes freight transport modelling and analysis, network models, commodity flow matrices and analyses, forecasting freight transport, cost-benefit analysis and analysis of competition in the freight transport marked in Norway.

The last years she has worked with development of the national freight transport model in Norway and statistical analysis. She is responsible for developing forecasts for freight transport inside and to and from Norway for the national master plan for transport in Norway, based on economic growth in Norway. Hovi is member of Statistics Norway’s advisory board for freight transport statistics and has developed the framework for the national freight flow survey. She is currently responsible for case-studies on the technological maturity level, barriers and policy instruments for market introduction for battery-electric and hydrogen-fuel cell technology for vans, buses and trucks, and associated charging and filling infrastructure in the MoZEEZ-project (Mobility Zero Emission Energy Systems).