Gideon van Dijk

Gideon van Dijk (NL) – Chargetrip

Gideon is CEO and co-founder of Chargetrip, a company accelerating the advent of sustainable mobility by developing the missing navigation tools that help people and businesses switch to electric cars.

Over the last two years, Gideon and his team have taken Chargetrip from a small start-up to an emerging navigation company solving complex routing optimisation problems for well known automotive clients. Gideon is a UWC Atlantic Alumni, ex RNLI crew member, and a serial entrepreneur, holding several leadership and advisory positions.

He has a background in clean-tech, product design, and innovation consultancy. Gideon believes the sustainable energy transition is one of the most significant challenges of our generation and thinks electric mobility is a crucial catalyst. He is a life-long learner, occasional speaker, and deeply interested in technology-driven innovations that enable sustainable development. Gideon currently lives in Amsterdam with his wife and two kids.