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From inside the Bruxelles car lobby world to traveling the world around in an Electric Vehicle

As the program for this year’s Nordic EV Summit in Oslo November 10th-11th is taking form, we are excited to announce two new speakers for whom working with cars has a very different meaning. Welcome to Nordic EV Summit November 10th-11th 2021 in Oslo – Entering the Electric Era.


From inside the Bruxelles car lobby world, we are pleased to welcome on stage, Mr. Petr Dolejsi. As Mobility & Sustainable Transport Director at The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), Mr. Dolejsi is one of the most influential lobbyists in Bruxelles when it comes to policy concerning the European car industry. ACEA and its members are key in the implementation and realization of getting to zero emissions in the transport sector in the EU before 2035. Mr. Dolesji will participate in a plenary discussion together with Senior Director, Vehicles and Emobility, Julia Poliscanova, Transport&Environment, on exactly how to reach for zero emissions in the transport sector in the EU?


Is travelling around the world in an EV possible? Yes. But is it free from challenges? No. Welcome on stage to Mr. Wiebe Wakker, Sustainable Adventurer in Plug M. Mr. Wakker drove from the Netherlands to New Zealand in an electric car. That took him 3.5 years and he did it basically without any money. On the 15th of March 2016, Wiebe started his mission to reach the other side of the world, in a borrowed electric car called the Blue Bandit. To get there he asked people to “Plug Me In” with a meal, place to sleep or electricity for the car. Over 1,800 people from 45 countries offered help. All the offers determined the route and Wiebe was sent crisscross around the globe, passing 34 countries and driving over 100,000 km on electricity. Hear Mr. Wakkers astonishing history and what he has learned about driving full electric across the globe.

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