Foodcourt by Foodscape

Food will be served through the whole day (both days) and it’s included in your ticket. Food allergens are properly labeled. Take a look at our delicious menu:

Wednesday November 10th

  • Wild cod from the Norwegian coastline, with bread, lemon mayonnaise, cauliflower and cress
  • Dairy cows with potato croquettes
  • Curry fried cauliflower, quinoa, pea mayonnaise, pickled red cabbage and beans, some of the most sustainable vegetables
  • Kebab with mushrooms grown locally in Norway
  • Goat in tortilla, with goats from south-Toten who preserve our biological diversity
  • Bread with Norwegian lamb, fed on grass and sheep milk
  • Swine-Empanadas made with Norwegian grain with pigs from Nes who enjoy themselves out in the open landscape all year
  • Lamb and goat shawarma topped with vegetables and fermented tuber from brussel sprouts

Thursday November 11th

  • Manakish, Libanons version of pizza with autumn vegetables
  • Vegetables from Norwegian farmers wrapped in filo pastry
  • Sandwich with white bread, Norwegian salat and meat
  • Vegan bowl with lots of fresh flavours and carrots from the local farmer near our school, Nannestad VGS
  • South european dish, Brandad with norwegian pollock and tasty potatoes
  • Crab with cress
  • Samosa fried without oil with tasty Norwegian vegetables
  • Bao – vegetarian or with meat