Alex Schwarz NIO and Thomas Ingenlath Polestar

Electric vehicles bring new opportunities

The Nordic EV Summit will bring two of the biggest newcomers on stage: NIO and Polestar.

NIO is a premium car manufacturer from China. Founded in 2014, NIO has specifically focused on the importance of the interaction between car and customer, creating a special experience for the driver. The CEO of NIO Europe, Alex Schwarz, will talk about the impact electric vehicles has on the car market..

Polestar: Another star amongst the newcomers in the car market is Polestar. The Swedish car manufacturer lays specific importance on its design, setting a high standard of consumer experience. Polestar was founded in 1996 and acquired by Volvo in 2015 and today’s CEO, Thomas Ingenlath, will talk about how electric vehicles bring a new dynamic to the car market.

Polestar and NIO are producing innovative and exciting fully electric cars, as they both plan to bring the car industry into a carbon-neutral future. How are electric vehicles revolutionizing the car industry? What are the car brands biggest challenges? The journey of both Alex Schwarz and Thomas Ingenlath will show the shift that the car industry is currently undertaking.

Both Polestar and NIO are Diamond Partners at this years Nordic EV Summit. And you will also be able to see their electric vehicles exhibited at the Summit. The Nordic EV Summit is proud to announce that both will contribute in this plenary session.