Tomi is the CEO of Kempower, with over 20 years’ experience in electrification and more than 10 years’ involvement in the e-mobility sector. He has worked in cleantech throughout his career, specifically focusing on electrification and unlocking energy savings for all stakeholders. Tomi is passionate about charging our planet for the better by powering the electric movement.

Tomi joined Kempower in 2019 and leads the company as it establishes itself as the market-leading provider of DC fast charging technology. Before joining Kempower, he spent nearly a decade at Danfoss Editron, with primary responsibility for business development in the company’s vehicle electrification business unit. Tomi also counts cleantech industry heavyweights in Vacon and Honeywell as previous employers.

He holds a Master’s in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Management from Finland’s Tampere University of Technology. Tomi is quadrilingual, speaking Finnish, English, German and Swedish, while his electric vehicle manufacturer of choice is Tesla.

Tomi Ristimäki