Chief Operating Officer
Sono Motors

Thomas Hausch is Chief Operating Officer at Sono Motors. Thomas joined the company in 2018, bringing over 25 years of experience in the automotive industry with him, and has overseen operations ever since. He is also responsible for launching series production of the Sion. Thomas is invaluable to the company, especially in view of his instinct and knowledge for trendsetting technologies and new markets.

From his time at Daimler, Chrysler, CODA and Nissan, he brings along experience and expertise in various areas, such as development, manufacturing, sales and marketing. In his last position, he served as Chief Executive Officer Center Europe for the Japanese automotive group Nissan.

In 2018, Thomas was taken by the unique Sono spirit. Thanks to his well-established expertise, he quickly recognized the potential of the young company and became dedicated to helping, as he says, «make things happen».

Thomas Hausch