Product Developer

Svein David Medhaug is an experienced product- and project developer At Seam AS. He has a long and dedicated journey behind him, in the development of new maritime technologies within digitalization, smart and autonomous shipping. Working 15 years for the Norwegian Maritim Authorities and 10 years for in the merchant fleet.

At SEAM AS he’s a part of an ambitious team working closely with the industry, to release and integrate the exiting turnover regarding digitalization and the green shift in the maritime sector.

In his work towards new maritime technologies and solutions he has touched upon various subjects. He was responsible for the Norwegian e-navigation IMO contribution since 2009 both national and international. With this position, Medhaug has chaired out international responsibility in the authority’s responsibility in several correspondence groups for e-navigation in IMO. He has also chaired the work titled: “Guidelines for harmonized display for navigation information received via communication equipment” in IMO. He also was responsible for the Norwegian contribution to Autonomous Ship in IMO another relevant forums up until 2022. He also chaired the informal correspondence group in IMO for the development of the interim Guidelines for Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) trials in 2020.

Today Medhaug is project developer for work relating to the integration of autonomous systems at SEAM. He works on a daily basis on projects related to autonomous and remote vessels at SEAM, an area which is central to the realization of the challenges the Maritime industry and the world is facing today and days to come.

With his background as Deck Officer on both oil and LNG tankers in the Norwegian merchant fleet, Medhaug has hands on experience and a very strong interest in innovation and new technology, also with the angle from an operational and human aspect.

Automation is already creating a revolution and will continue to do so. The shipping industry is going through a transformation and crucial to this is how we manage this transition safe, smooth and cost efficient.”