Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen is CEO of the electric car charger company Zaptec. He is known to many as the Dane who introduced Tesla to Norwegians when there were only 3,000 registered electric cars in the country. Few had faith in electric vehicles, and in a good month, Tesla typically sold three Tesla Roadsters. Today there are over 500,000 electric cars on Norwegian roads, and Tesla has gone from being an unknown car brand to being the very definition of EVs.

Bardenfleth-Hansen has learned a lot from working for Elon Musk and takes with him what he believes to be the best of his leadership style:

“I have learned from Elon the importance of staying focused on the goal and not taking shortcuts, even if it costs time, money, and resources. It is important to have a clear vision that the whole organization understands. When everyone pulls in the same direction, this creates a unique unity, leading the company towards success”.
As a board member of several cutting-edge tech companies like CAKE, Alpha Motor Corporation, and Viggo, Peter brings more than 10 years of relevant experience to the industry. His goal for the future ahead is simple; to provide safe high-quality EV charging solutions.

Peter Badenfleth-Hansen