VP Sales
AUTEL Energy Nordic

With more then 12 years in the EV-Charging Business. Per have Competence in all areas related to EV-Charging. 

Experiences gathered while being Project Manager for Tesla Charging in Sweden, responsible for deployment of the thirteen first Supercharger sites in Sweden 2014, Deployment of Clever/Bee Sweden Base of Fastchargers along main roads in Sweden 2016-2019, involved in approximately 15 000 AC chargers during this period too, PM for +150kW Chargers in heavy Vehicle charging in the Garo Group 2019-2021 and Sales Director KEBA EA Northern Europe 2021 – 2023.

Last but not least Per have been an BEV Driver since March 8 2012 and have more then 

939 579 BEV km experience.

favourite Quote? ”The Future isn’t what it used to be!”