Uno-X E-Mobility

Ole Johannes is CEO of Uno-X E-Mobility in Norway and Denmark. The two companies are responsible for establishing Uno-X ultrafast EV charging at locations operated by Reitan Retail, such as at REMA 1000, 7-Eleven and Uno-X. In medium term the ambition is to offer charging for 1000 EVs simultaneously.

Ole Johannes joined Uno-X from the company ConocoPhillips back in 2010. First as CEO of Uno-X Norge AS for 8 years, a company focused on operation and further development of an infrastructure for simple and efficient self-service fuel locations. Followed by a few years as CEO of a similar Uno-X company in Denmark, he switched to e-mobility in 2021. While Ole Johannes led the Norwegian business, he also was responsible for a venture into retail outlets offering hydrogen for passenger cars, put on hold after a few years.

He is now using his extensive retail experience from operating a fuel infrastructure in Norway and Denmark, to establish an infrastructure offering simple, efficient and cheap ultrafast EV charging for customers in Norway and Denmark.

For more information about Ole Johannes or the development of an ultrafast charging infrastructure, visit his LinkedIn profile or the company´s Twitter account.