Chief Product Officer

Nils Roald is at the forefront of integrating advanced energy flow management and digital technology innovations into the rapidly evolving electric vehicle (EV) charging sector.

Educated as a Telematics engineer, Nils has honed his expertise through roles in sales, management, and business development within the digital domain, contributing to leading companies such as Cisco, Fortinet, and Splunk. In his role as the Chief Product Officer at Elywhere, he oversees product strategy and development, focusing on two critical aspects for society and the green shift: the electrification of transport and the reinforcement of our power infrastructure. He aims to ensure minimal impact on the grid while providing flexibility and ancillary services back to the grid. Utilizing DC chargers with integrated Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and a sophisticated edge-to-cloud platform, Nils facilitates operations and innovations in EV charging and energy flow management.

With a rich background that spans cybersecurity, digital platforms, edge computing, and AI/ML analytics of energy data, Nils is driving the transition toward sustainable energy use in transportation.