Meridian Energy is New Zealand’s largest 100% renewable energy generator and retailer. Meridian provides 1/3rd of all of New Zealand’s electricity through wind and water. As a 100% renewable company Meridian is focused on sustainability and has been named as one of New Zealand’s most sustainable brands for the past ten years. Nick is responsible for leading and executing Meridian’s procurement strategy which is firmly focussed on  the sustainable procurement of all goods and services used in the production of electricity through to the delivery of its corporate services.

Nick is recognised as EV expert in New Zealand and is often called upon to help other organisations convert their fleets, as well as speaking at various events and sharing Meridian’s EV journey. Meridian has currently converted more than 50% of its fleet to 100% electric vehicles.  Before joining Meridian Nick held retail roles in NZ and the U.S in travel management, tourism, transport and outdoor media industries.