Communications Director
Nissan Nordic Europe

Marina has more than two decades of experience from the automotive sector, and started her position at Nissan just ahead of the launch of Nissan LEAF, the world´s first mass-produced electric vehicle in 2011. Nissan had already then an extensive and holistic view on electrification and has since progressed their plans for EV launches in different segments, LCV and passenger cars. The car manufacturer was actively participating in charging network development in the first years of electrification and has also launched several programs for re-use of batteries and V2G solutions.

Norway was a pioneering country with Nissan in a leading position, also with the opportunity to host or attend several meetings for foreign industry members, media, and authorities, where Marina played a vital role. Being part of the transition since the very beginning has given Marina a good background and knowledge on how this has also affected and transformed the industry – both on the producer side as well as the dealer network.