Key Account Manager

Leif Petter Sigmundstad is a dedicated professional focusing on project management and regional sales. He currently holds the position of Key Account Manager at Ekoenergetyka, where he is responsible for the Norwegian market. Leif Petter is committed to driving success and innovation in smart EV charging solutions, ensuring safe, reliable, and future-proof charging experiences for customers.

Having also worked at Easee, a company specializing in smart charging solutions for BEV, Leif Petter excels in various aspects of project management, including planning, coordination and teamwork, as well as personal growth and workshop development.

Before his current position, Leif Petter served as regional sales manager at Medema Physio AB, where he demonstrated proficiency in negotiating and achieving targets and key results (OKRs). He strongly believes in achieving sports-like goals, using dedication and strategic planning to achieve excellence in his endeavors.

Leif Petter is a graduate of Hogeschool Saxion in the Netherlands, where he honed his skills and knowledge in his chosen field.