Leif is Co-founder & CEO of EVOY

Born in Canada, Leif has then grown up, by the ocean on a fairy tale island in Western Norway, Svanøy, Leif is from an early age an explorer. Boats were the main interest and where other kids focused on soccer teams and music bands, Leif had scrapbooks and posters with drawings and pictures of boats. His passion leads him into a maritime career where he sailed the seven seas for many years and he has circumnavigated the globe numerous times, visiting more than 40 countries and countless ports. Experiencing collisions, hurricanes, and fires, he was appointed Sea Captain as soon as the certification allowed him on an 89-meter tanker, at just 32 years old.

From Base Manager to COO then CEO on Norway’s largest oil supply base, Saga Fjordbase. As CEO, he delivered the all-time best customer satisfaction, financial and QHSE results, during the oil crisis and heavy downsizing. But his proudest moment was kickstarting the “Green & Lean Base” initiative cutting great amounts of Green House Gasses directly and indirectly – a successful project that is still ongoing. It’s in 2005 that the idea of building a fast, reliable, and connected electric boat motor started growing into Leif’s and his father’s minds when dreaming about building their electric boat… but they were not finding a sustainable solution offering power/range and pleasure! In 2018 a new era began when Leif and his father, also extremely concerned about global warming, decided to launch Evoy!