Author and chairman of the Slovenian e-Mobility Society
Slovenian e-Mobility Society

Ignac Završnik has been involved in e-mobility since 2003, focusing on sustainable transportation and energy self-sufficiency. He’s been testing electric vehicles in Slovenia since 2014 and collaborates with organisations like the Slovenian grid operator ELES d.o.o. and the Ministry of Environment, Climate, and Energy.

As an author, he’s written many articles on e-mobility and has served as the Chairman of the Slovenian e-Mobility Society since 2017. Within society, he’s actively involved in organising e-mobility events, educational seminars, and awareness programmes as an NGO.

Ignac is also a co-author of a white paper on road transport decarbonisation for local decision-makers in Slovenia. He’s also actively engaged with the Global Electric Vehicle Association (GEVA).