DI Frank Steinbacher is the CEO of eLoaded GmbH, member of board of R:Loaded SE and member of board of HEZ Power Ltd. China.

By the innovation and development of DC infrastructure and DC power components, eLoaded has developed as the market leader in DC grid technology and is therefore also providing the most efficient and most compact DC charging infrastructure on the market. With its own DC energy- and mobility hub solutions, eLoaded has become the largest DC grid operator and therefore showing now since over 4 years how efficient and flexible power distribution for all kind of DC power consumers could be. eLoaded is providing a one stop solution from DC grid supply, charging solutions up to 1MW of charging power, EMS, backend solutions for operation, front end solutions for Ad-Hoc, web and app as well as payment solutions for operators.

With multiple charging hubs in operation, eLoaded is supporting local and regional approaches on providing future solutions for renewable energy and mobility supply. The worlds largest and most powerful charging hub with up the 15MW of charging power is located near the highway A8 in Germany, Bavaria.