Dr. Niina Suuriniemi Hopper, Founder & CEO of EVA Global.

Niina attained a PhD in surgery from the University of Cambridge, spending the first half of her career researching new medical technologies for improving lives, and wellbeing. Her dedication to improving health was combined with a fascination for emobility as a means to reduce air pollution through the zero-emission transport revolution. A natural entrepreneur, Niina set out to build her vision of assisting the emobility movement from the front lines through the “Never Stranded” philosophy, the idea that for electric mobility to become mainstream, the people adopting this technology would need guidance and support available at all times. So, it was in 2017 that Niina founded EVA Global to provide 24/7 EV driver assistance at charging stations which is now available at 240 000 charging locations. Starting as a successful pilot for CPOs in the UK, the company has now proven success in delivering premium end-to-end services and solutions exclusively within emobility winning the trust of partners across Europe and Asia expanding over 31 countries. Niina’s mission is now to transfer EVA’s services and knowledge across the globe which is already underway in Asia & North America.

Niina will participate in the parallel session: Accessible charging for all, presenting her insights on EV Customer Experience and expectations across Europe whilst highlighting the differences in user cases reaching across Europe.

Niina Suuriniemi Hopper