Former Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann brings 25 years of automotive industry experience to EVELOZCITY. Prior to Opel, he held various leadership positions including CEO of Volkswagen Group China and CEO of Continental AG. Neumann is a longtime advocate and early pioneer of electric mobility and in 2009 he took over VW’s companywide responsibility for electric propulsion.

Neumann also worked as CTO and Board Member at Continental Automotive Systems, where he oversaw the acquisition of Siemens-VDO, making Continental the second-largest supplier of automotive electronics in Germany. He was then promoted to CEO in 2008.

Neumann has a passion for new transportation concepts – believing that traditional car makers will not be driving the change. He feels these new concepts will free major urban centers of traffic and pollution. He has a PhD focused in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Technical University of Dortmund.