Clay Stranger is Managing Director at Rocky Mountain Institute

Clay Stranger is Managing Director at RMI, where he leads the India Program and co-leads the Carbon Free Mobility Program. Through diverse engagements with the public and private sectors, he works to build confidence and commitment towards national clean energy and mobility targets.

Clay serves as an advisor to India’s central and state governments on clean energy policy and technology. He is the lead author of over a dozen articles and reports on India’s clean energy opportunity, including the widely cited report, India Leaps Ahead: Transformative Mobility Solutions for All.  Clay co-founded the Urban Mobility Lab, a platform that supports a replicable process for identifying, integrating, and implementing carbon-free mobility solutions in leading geographies, called Lighthouse Cities.

Clay previously served as the Director of the Office of the Chief Scientist, where he oversaw diverse research and collaboration engagements both within and outside RMI. From 2013-2015 he served as the Project Lead of Reinventing Fire: China, a partnership with the Chinese government to examine the maximum feasible share of renewables and efficiency technology in the Chinese energy economy through 2050. Clay has worked on energy strategy in more than 15 countries and brings rigorous approaches to research and engagement to help solve complex challenges in the energy sector.

Clay Stranger