Scientific Researcher
RISE Fire Research

Christoph Meraner is a Scientific Researcher at RISE Fire Research, a research institute and accredited testing laboratory located in Trondheim, Norway.

Meraner studied mechanical engineering at TU München and holds a PhD in thermal energy from NTNU. He engages in both numerical and experimental research, primarily in fire dynamics, smoke propagation, and suppression.

In recent years, his focus has been on fire safety involving lithium-ion batteries, covering fires in small lithium-ion batteries used in electric scooters, as well as fires in electric cars and the fire safety of large battery systems in buildings and on ships.

Meraner also has several years of experience in quantitative fire and explosion risk analysis in the oil and gas industry.

RISE Fire Research provides a wide range of services for battery safety, including battery abuse tests (BAT), calorimetry and emission measurements during fire exposure and thermal runaway.

Battery abuse tests comprise nail penetration, overcharging, drop, fire propagation and other tests.