Christer Ervik is CEO and co-founder of Kruser AS. 

Christer is passionate about useful utilization resources in a world with major climate and environmental challenges. He has a background in finance and insurance, networking for managers, as well as various start-up businesses. He has a degree in HR and management from Kristiania University College plus Entrepreneurship and Innovation from NMBU. Christer Ervik will participate in a parallel session: What technology is available today? And what is the outlook for zero emission transport at sea? 

Kruser AS is the world`s first all electrical boat pool, a sharing service with only non-polluting boats. As a member of the pool, you can easily book and take out a boat whenever you want, without having to own your own boat. Kruser takes care of all the practicalities, you avoid engine noise and fuel costs while contributing to a sustainable environment. At Kruser you get a worry-free boating life for yourself and the environment!