Pon Equipment

Andreas Walnum is the technical manager of Pon Equipment Norway and has broad experience working with heavy machinery. He is proud of being a part of one of the innovative companies in the construction equipment business.

In order to be the preferred supplier to deliver a zero emission solution for the construction industry, Pon Equipment joined hands with Caterpillar to electrify their excavator Cat 323F. The project was named Z-line for zero emission, and while the 25-ton machine handles and looks like an ordinary excavator on the outside, the inside is changed with the entire engine have been replace with an electric motor, control systems and heavy duty batteries.

Operations with the 25-ton all-electrical machine have proven battery capacities large enough for 5-7 hours in operation in a normal application and is able to charge quickly where 400 or 1000V fast charging power supplies are available.

It took the Pon engineers eleven months to electrify the first heavy-duty prototype machine during the project which they worked closely with Caterpillar. The first machines are being put in operation and Pon recently launched the news that they are expanding their Z-line portfolio to the 8 to 10 ton Cat 307,5 & Cat 310 during 2019.

Being a solution provider for an industry that is up for the challenge to reduce their emissions with 40 percent by 2030, Pon’s idea is to develop and supply conversion kits to replace diesel powered Cat machines with battery powered ones.