Take my money! Charging payment made easy for everyone

Time: April 4, 2024, 16:00-16:45

Join us for an insightful deep dive into the future of EV charging stations. At the heart of our discussions is a commitment to user-centric and universally accessible payment solutions, ensuring that charging is seamless and convenient for everyone.

Card terminals are as of April this year mandatory on new chargers in the EU- while at the same time innovative payment solutions such as AutoCharge and Plug&Charge are advancing. In this session we will explore different pathways to make charging hassle-free and cost-effective. And what do the EV drivers actually prefer? 

Ultimately, our goal is to demonstrate how these principles can lead to enhanced profitability and usability while advancing the adoption of clean electric vehicles.



Michelle Wong

Head of Europe Acceptance Business Development, Visa

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Jacob van Zonneveld

Jacob van Zonneveld has held a leading position in the e-mobility sector for over 10 years, most recently as co-founder…

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Maria Estenstad Friis Director Charge Point Operator at Circle K

Maria Estenstad Friis

Maria heads up the Charge Point Operator function in Circle K and is responsible for developing and operating a leading…

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Alexandra Aarvold Rastad, Adviser, Norwegian EV Association

Alexandra Aarvold Rastad

Alexandra is a leading expert on the behavior, attitudes and experiences of Norwegian EV drivers. She is responsible for both…

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Ignac Završnik

Ignac Završnik has been involved in e-mobility since 2003, focusing on sustainable transportation and energy self-sufficiency. He’s been testing electric…

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Lars Godbolt

Lars Godbolt

Lars Godbolt has worked in the field of sustainable transport for six years and is a leading expert on Norwegian…

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Siri Raustein

EVC Product & Sales Manager

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