EVs in 2030: Beyond range and battery size

Time: April 5, 2024, 10:45-11:15

It’s almost 150 years since the first electric car was built, but progress has long been sluggish. Now, it’s accelerating, and more will happen in the electric vehicle space in the next six years than in the last hundred.

As the charging infrastructure expands and electric vehicles become increasingly widespread internationally, factors other than battery size and range will become relevant. Driving dynamics, space, energy efficiency, and safety will be important parts of the purchasing decision.

Toyota Norway CEO Piotr Pawlak is originally from Poland and is hailed as one of the rising stars in the international automotive industry. He views the Norwegian electric car market with a global perspective. At the same time, he looks into the crystal ball to see what awaits Norwegian and international electric car buyers in the years to come.

EVs in 2030: Beyond range and battery size


Piotr Pawlak

Piotr Pawlak, CEO Toyota Norway

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